Vice Versa is a sci-fi bodyswap comedy about privilege.


Ginny Park believes the world would be a better place if everyone could just empathize with each other—so she develops an empathy machine. But when it unexpectedly turns into a body-switching device, she gets a dose of privilege she wasn’t expecting and decides to take it for a ride.

Vice Versa is OUR Black Panther George Yin, friend with great taste




Show Creator, Executive Producer

Héloïse Chung is a Korean-American writer and director with a background in advertising. A nomadic childhood spent on US military bases exposed Héloïse to a wide range of experiences that continues to influence her work. Her focus is on female-driven narratives that tackle social and environmental issues.


Production Designer

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Mike Bash

 As Basil, Ginny's roommate, a spiritual guru. 

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